Early Dental Care

Your whole family is welcome at Rogers Center for Dentistry




Everyone needs a dentist including children. Proper dental care is required even before your child has teeth. According to the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a child’s first dental check-up should occur between 6 months to one year. Rogers Center for Dentistry provides services for your entire family, from minimally-invasive and preventative child dentistry to simultaneous parent-child cleanings.

Did you know?

When given to a child right before they fall asleep,
milk, formula, and juice can remain on the teeth
and in the mouth and cause tooth decay.


Why should I bring my child
to the dentist?

At Rogers Center for Dentistry, we enjoy caring for patients of all ages, including children. We are pleased to provide
pediatric dentistry to help you keep your child’s smile in good health. We encourage you to bring your child to our office every six months for a regular dental exam and cleaning.


What is the Process?

During this visit, our friendly dentists and team will gently clean your child’s teeth and check for signs of dental problems, such as tooth decay. Each team member is caring and gentle, and we are practiced at making children feel comfortable. We
understand that it is important to build a positive, trusting relationship between your child and all of their doctors at a young age, and we are dedicated to ensuring that your child feels comfortable and safe at our office. If you have any questions about your child’s dental health or oral development, we welcome you to ask us during the visit or by calling our office.


When should my child go to the dentist?

The American Dental Association suggests children have their first dental checkup when they are one year old.

Why does my child need early dental care?

The most important reason for a checkup at such an early age is to begin a thorough prevention program. Dental problems can start early. One of the biggest concerns in young children is Early Childhood Caries (also known as baby bottle tooth decay or nursing caries). When children begin foods other than breast-milk, erupted teeth are at risk for decay. The earlier the dental visit, the better the chance the parents have of preventing dental problems. Children with healthy teeth chew food easily and smile with confidence. Starting your child out with good dental habits early will lead to a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

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