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How to Prevent Cavities

by James Webster on October 1, 2016 , Comments Off on How to Prevent Cavities

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Caring for your teeth in between visits to the dentist can be vital for healthy teeth and gums. Daily oral hygiene can save you a lot of time and money as it is a preventative against many painful oral problems. The dentist at Roger’s Dentistry in Spanish Fork, UT want to give you the tools to fight against oral hygiene problems. Our center of dentistry has gathered just a few ways you can help protect your teeth against cavities.


Be Cautious of What You Eat

Snacking on sugary and starchy foods throughout the day increases your chances of getting cavities. You will want to try and avoid large amounts of candy, soda, energy drinks, and juices as you go about your day. Instead of satisfying your urge to snack with these sugary items you will want to consume more water and opt for fresh fruits and veggies as healthier alternatives. Eliminating sugary snacks in your diet will improve your oral health, and it will also improve your overall health.


Keep your Dental Appointments

Nothing is worse than having an untreated cavity or other oral health problem. Without treatment, the problem can just get worse and ultimately cause you a lot of pain. That is why it is so important to keep all of your dental appointments. Keeping your dental appointments will not only solve existing dental problems, but help you to prevent them as well. Cleanings and dental sealants help you in protecting your mouth from possibility of cavities occurring. Visiting your dentist at Roger’s Dentistry in Spanish Fork, UT will allow you to receive further tips and tricks when it comes to preventing cavities.


Develop a Routine

The best way to protect your teeth from cavities is by developing a good oral hygiene routing at home. Brushing and flossing twice a day will help prevent the accumulation of plaque and tooth decay. Follow up with a rinse of mouth wash to make sure you reach every area of your mouth, giving you the ultimate protection you need.


For more tips and advice when it comes to your oral hygiene, you can call or stop by Roger’s Dentistry in Spanish Fork, UT today. We have the experienced staff you need when it comes to dentistry. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding service while giving you the best oral health possible.

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How to Heal Faster after Wisdom Teeth Extraction

by Rogers Center for Dentistry on January 29, 2016 , Comments Off on How to Heal Faster after Wisdom Teeth Extraction


The best way to recover from wisdom teeth surgery is to follow your oral surgeon’s instructions religiously. Not following the oral surgeon’s orders can result in a painful recovery, including getting a dry socket. The dentists at Roger’s Center for Dentistry in Spanish Fork, Utah want to provide you with the best results when getting your wisdom teeth removed. Below are some little known tips to speed up the healing process after having your wisdom teeth removed.


Keep your Head Elevated

To speed up the healing process you can keep your head elevated for 3 days at a 45 degree angle. This will help you recover faster from wisdom teeth surgery because blood vessel tone and blood volume near the wound change when lying flat, which can make the wound throb.



Ice the cheek closet to the extraction area for 24 hours. This will provide some relief from the pain and help you to heal a little faster. Never apply heat to the area.


Dry Mouth

Don’t let your mouth dry out. As with any surgical wound you will need to keep the area moist so it can heal correctly. If you breathe through your mouth it would be wise to get an oral cavity moisturizer to keep the moist and allow for optimum healing.



Because the dentist had your mouth open for so long during the extraction of your wisdom teeth you jaw is likely to be very soar, causing additional and unnecessary pain. Massage the area of your jaw joint, just place your fingers just before the opening of each ear if you are having trouble finding where to massage. This will alleviate some pain and help you to heal just that much faster.


Drink Coconut Water

Drinking ice cold coconut water can give you the electrolytes you need for healing. The electrolytes will help to keep your blood sugar stable while you are unable to eat solid foods for the next few days.


Anything you can do to speed up the healing process after a wisdom tooth extraction should be approved by your dentist. It is important to follow any and all instructions given to you before and after the procedure so you may heal properly. The dentists at Roger’s Center for Dentistry in Spanish Fork, Utah care about your health and well-being. You can trust us to give you the best care when it comes to your dental needs. Call us today to set up an appointment with one of our dentists today.

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