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How Often Do I Really Need to Go to The Dentist?

by James Webster on September 9, 2020 , Comments Off on How Often Do I Really Need to Go to The Dentist?

Yes, dentist appointments are important, but how often do you really need to go to the dentist? This is a big question that everyone seems to have an answer to. Most people recommend you go about two times a year. While others have not been to the dentist in years. Honestly this question depends on your situation. If you have any oral health problems you might want to even go more frequently but this is all up to your dentist. Even if you have clean teeth going two times a month can become very beneficial with the cleaning you will receive.


There are many reasons that you should go to the dentist more than two times a year. This is all depending on your oral health and your dentist’s recommendation. If you do have problems that is nothing to worry about. We will take care of you and make sure that your health goes up. We are here for you. Going to the dentist several times a year can be beneficial too. You always get a nice cleaning and you’ll always know the state of your teeth’s health.


If you have clean and healthy teeth that doesn’t mean you should skip your dentist appointment. Even if you know you have no cavities you can still get benefit from consistent trips to the dentist. You will get your teeth thoroughly cleaned. This will help your teeth stay healthy and strong. This cleaning is very important without it you could end up having dental problems in the future. 


Going to the dentist regularly is very important. You get a nice check up so you know the state of your teeth’s health and you also get a great cleaning. If you have any dental problems call us and your favorite Dentist Spanish Fork will help you with any of your needs.

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Everything You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth

by James Webster on August 17, 2020 , Comments Off on Everything You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth aren’t going to make you smarter even though they have wisdom in its name. Your very back molars were given the name because they usually come when you’re older. Your wisdom teeth come at around ages 17-25. You get two on top and two on bottom to make a complete 32 set of teeth for an adult. Some people believe that our mouth adapted overtime due to our diet. Now we can’t fit out wisdom teeth into our mouths and because of that most of us have to get them out.


Wisdom teeth are known as your third molar that our ancestors used to grind plant tissue. Nowadays we don’t need that third molar. If we keep our wisdom teeth in our mouths it will cause tons of discomfort and pain. That is why it is important to get them removed.


When you go to the Dentist in Spanish Fork Utah for your annual checkup they will take your x rays. This is where the dentist will see your wisdom teeth and know when it is time to take them out. There are many reasons that you can have to get your wisdom teeth taken out. One reason is your wisdom teeth can come in the wrong angle. They press against your other teeth which can be very painful. The second reason is your mouth isn’t big enough. Small mouths just can’t fit wisdom teeth. The third reason is wisdom teeth are impacted. Because your wisdom teeth don’t normally grow right they can’t get trapped behind your jawbone which is very painful.


When you get your wisdom teeth removed it will take about forty five minutes and there are a couple of ways you can receive anesthesia. Local, IV sedation, and general. Any way will be successful and help make your experience better. They will help you to deal with the pain.


When you’re ready to get your wisdom teeth removed go to Dentist in Spanish Fork Utah and they will help you.

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Kids at the Dentist

by James Webster on July 30, 2020 , Comments Off on Kids at the Dentist

For some kids the dentist can be a fun place to go to but for others it is a scary place full of the unknown. Most kids are scared to go to the dentist. The dentist office reminds them of a horrible environment. Going to the dentist makes kids associate the idea of injections or tooth extractions in their imagination. To kids this can be very scary. The Dentist Spanish Fork Utah helps kids and their fear of the deities


As a parent taking your children to the dentist can be very stressful but there are ways to help children at the dentist. Speak to your child in a kind voice and use simple words that kids can understand. When kids know what’s going on they tend to be less scared. When you start using big words that a child does not understand it can become scary. For a kid understanding what’s going on is crucial. 


Kids love prizes. When you tell a child that if they are good they will get a prize they will obey. When kids go to the dentist they look forward to when they get their toothbrush and a toy. The prizes may be small but to a kid it is everything. A small simple toy to a kid is the world. They will go home and play with their new toy for hours.


When a kid goes and sits down in the chair for their inspection, talk to them. When children are engaged in a conversation they don’t even realize what’s going on. They are too busy talking to you. When you engage in a conversation a child will be less scared of the dentist.


The most important thing is for you to just stay calm. When a kid sees that their parent is calm the child will likely follow. Kids look up to their parents and they like to copie you, so if you are calm everyone is calm. When everyone is calm you can have a smooth trip to the dentist.


With these simple strategies you can make a kids experience at the dentist a whole lot better.

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How To Prevent Dental Emergencies

by James Webster on May 15, 2020 , Comments Off on How To Prevent Dental Emergencies

Most dental emergencies involve infection, pain or uncontrolled bleeding. Sometimes they are unpredictable and occur because of trauma or something that happened years ago. No matter how the trauma happened, it can be scary to experience for many people- especially in the face of the coronavirus.


How do you know if you’re experiencing a dental emergency? If you are experiencing pain, rinse your mouth out with salt water three times a day to kill bacteria. If the pain is uncontrollable, it’s time to call your dentist.


Now to the important part. How do you prevent a dental emergency in the first place? Most dentists agree that popcorn is the main culprit. Popcorn shells can become wedged deep in your gum, causing painful swelling. Un-popped kernels can also cause cracked teeth, same with olive pits. Cracked or chipped teeth might not warrant an emergency visit to your dentist. It all depends on where the crack is, how large it is and how much pain it is causing.


You can also avoid dental emergencies by avoiding using your teeth as tools and chewing on non-food items. Opening things with your teeth, like wrappers or packages, or chewing on items such as pen caps can wear down your teeth and even cause them to chip or break.


Keep up with your regular oral hygiene routine, which is brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day. If you missed a regular teeth cleaning during the COVID-19 pandemic there shouldn’t be too much to worry about unless you are prone to cavities. You can help keep your teeth healthy by using an electric toothbrush and flossing regularly.


If you would like to get in for a cleaning or have a dental emergency give us a call at Roger’s Center for Dentistry, your favorite Spanish Fork dental practice. We look forward to helping you with your dental care needs.

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Oral Cancer Awareness Month

by James Webster on April 8, 2020 , Comments Off on Oral Cancer Awareness Month

This wasn’t exactly how we imagined we would be spending the month of April. With our doors closed to our patients per the recommendation of the Utah Department of Health. We miss you and we miss serving you, but we know this is the best way we can do that right now.


April is an important month for us in the world of oral health as it is Oral Cancer Awareness month. According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, oral cancer awareness in the American public is low. Around 53,000 people in the United States will be newly diagnosed with oral cancer this year. 132 new people in the U.S. will be newly diagnosed with an oral cancer every day, and one person every hour will die from it.


Smoking and tobacco use are major risk factors, but the fastest growing segment of oral cancer patients is young, healthy, nonsmoking individuals due to the connection to the HPV virus, according to the Oral Cancer Foundation. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says more than 80% of Americans will at some point in their lifetime have an HPV infection of some time. Most won’t know they have an HPV infection, which typically doesn’t show signs or symptoms.


Right now, ways we can increase early detection of oral cancer is to first, educate ourselves on the signs and symptoms. Second, continue screening for the disease and keeping an eye out for risk factors. And finally, continue to stay up to date on current best practices in screening and assessing risk when it comes to this cancer. As a patient, the best thing you can do is to perform the oral cancer self-exam monthly. To do so, take a bright light and a mirror, look and feel your lips and the front of your gums. Look inside and around the roof of your mouth, your cheeks and gums. Pull out your tongue and look at the surfaces, look at the floor of your mouth and the back of your throat. It’s also important to feel for lumps or enlarged lymph nodes in your neck and under your lower jaw. Of course, give us a call or come in if you notice any changes or symptoms of oral cancer.


We look forward to the day where we can see you all again. Until then, stay healthy and safe.


Roger’s Center for Dentistry, your favorite Spanish Fork dental practice

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An Open Letter from Roger’s Center for Dentistry in Spanish Fork

by James Webster on March 25, 2020 , Comments Off on An Open Letter from Roger’s Center for Dentistry in Spanish Fork

To all of our Spanish Fork friends, 

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s a pandemic that has affected our lives significantly. We’re kidding, right? Yes, we certainly are! Roger’s Center for Dentistry, your hometown, Spanish Fork dentist is closed for all non-emergency procedures at the direction of the Utah Department of Health until April 25, 2020.Of course, we are able to help with emergencies (abscessed, broken, or painful tooth and dental emergencies) during the next month. 

You’re not alone 

As Governor Herbert has asked Utahns to stay home, it’s easy to become stir crazy and feel depressed, anxious, fearful and lonely. For those with children, the added need to monitor their education looms large and many parents are overwhelmed. First of all, let’s tip our hats to the exemplary educators who have worked long and hard to get their lessons online for our children! They have risen to the occasion and deserve our gratitude and praise! Thank a teacher today! 

Kids can be stressed too 

Not only has your life changed, but so has your child’s routine. For many, they are too young to fully comprehend the cause and they become fearful, anxious, and lonely. They hear words that they don’t know and assume the worst. Whenever possible, find ways for your children to interact with their friends, grandparents, etc. This social connection isn’t as good as in-person, but it can help for everyone to feel less isolated. 

What about school? 

Well, take a moment to think about this one. Is your child the only one who has been gone from school? Will all the other kids be ahead of them? This is a state-wide situation and every single school in Utah is filled with kids being educated remotely. As such, the reteaching or review time will be there. And guess what? Your children’s teachers can and will handle it! Talk to your child’s teacher if you feel overwhelmed. They can and will offer suggestions to help. Just do your best. That is all you can do. 

It’s hard for all of us in our tight-knit community to be socially isolated, but by doing so now, we can help stop the spread of COVID-19 and come out on the other side with as few casualties as possible. We really miss serving you and look forward to getting back to help you.  

Stay healthy, 

Roger’s Center for Dentistry, your favorite Spanish Fork dental practice 

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Tooth Fairy 101

by James Webster on January 8, 2020 , Comments Off on Tooth Fairy 101

It’s easy to understand why so many of our young patients inquire about one with whom we are well-acquainted – the Tooth Fairy. She sends her helpers to regularly watch as we do our work so that she can make sure to collect all the teeth lost.  

The Tooth Fairy is shrouded in mystery without much information about her origin or what she does with all those teeth! Unfortunately, Dr. Rogers, while a good friend of hers, is sworn to protect her secrets, those few that he knows, of course. 

When did the Tooth Fairy start visiting children in the United States? 

Each culture has a tradition or superstition surrounding the loss of baby teeth. In Europe, the tradition is that mice collect children’s teeth, and in France, the practice continues with “le Petit Souris.” Somewhere during the late 19th and early 20th century, the Tooth Fairy as we know and love her began to visit children in the United States. The first written mention of her was found in 1927 in a short collection of stories for children. 

How does she do it? 

Like Santa and the Easter Bunny, there is a certain level of magic and mystery around the Tooth Fairy’s ability to accomplish such a monumental feat. Remember that Santa and the Easter Bunny have significantly more visits to make and must do so in one night, and the Tooth Fairy only visits those children’s homes who have lost teeth. While she still has a lot to do each night, she doesn’t visit nearly as many homes as do the others. Some have suggested that she has regional helpers, which makes a lot of sense. 

How much does the Tooth Fairy bring on average? 

This is a tricky question, because it really varies. She takes into consideration the quality of the tooth, whether it is the first lost tooth or a later one, and even if it was lost because of an accident or needed Dr. Rogers to help pull it. In 2019, the average gift from the Tooth Fairy was $3.70 per tooth. 

Even though Dr. Rogers, your hometown, Spanish Fork dentist is sworn to secrecy about all that he knows of the Tooth Fairy, he loves to help children take care of their teeth so that they can have the chance to earn top dollar! Make an appointment with Rogers Dentistry today, Spanish Fork’s leading dental practice. 

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Wisdom Teeth 101

by James Webster on December 10, 2019 , Comments Off on Wisdom Teeth 101

 With the ease of recording with our mobile devices, we can record life’s events that, before, were just retold as family stories. Social media trends in recording post wisdom teeth removal musings have resulted in some of the funniest videos online. 

I can’t tell you how glad I am that no one was taping my post wisdom teeth behavior because I am told that at one point asked, “Mommy, please carry me,” right before I buckled at the knees and fell to the floor of a parking garage with the grace and style of Bambi on the icy pond. I have been told that this move was appreciated by all the lookers-on and that one man came to help my mother in her noble efforts in restoring me to an upright position. 

Why take out wisdom teeth – don’t these kids need all the wisdom they can get? 

Yes, they certainly do, but these extra teeth don’t do much in that arena, sorry! (Couldn’t help it, it’s something that we hear a lot!) 

There are many reasons that you may need to see an oral surgeon to have your wisdom teeth removed in your late teens and early adulthood. The most common one of these, according to your friendly Spanish Fork dentist is that there is just not enough room in your mouth for four more teeth. In this case, the wisdom teeth are impacted, meaning that they are not coming in at the right angle and can push against the molars or even partially erupt.  

They’re impacted – how important is it to take them out? 

If your wisdom teeth are impacted, the best course of action is to have them removed by an oral surgeon. So doing can prevent infection, cysts around the improperly aligned wisdom tooth/teeth, pain, and even tooth decay since the crowding can result in difficulty brushing and flossing. 

Oral oddities 

Did you know that many people are missing one or more of their wisdom teeth? This tends to run in families, so if one of your close relatives didn’t have all four, then you may have hit the wisdom teeth jackpot too.  

On the other hand, some people are born with too many teeth. My father was born with two sets of baby teeth, one of them fully erupted shortly after birth! Sadly, there is no photographic evidence of this shark-like oddity. Likewise, he had six wisdom teeth instead of four. 

If your wisdom teeth come in and you don’t have any trouble with them, it is still important to monitor them for signs of increased tooth decay, so come on in to your friendly Spanish Fork Dental practice, Rogers Dentistry, and we’ll let you know if you won a trip to the oral surgeon or not! 

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Ways to Use Your FSA Before Year End

by James Webster on November 22, 2019 , Comments Off on Ways to Use Your FSA Before Year End

At the end of each year, many people scramble to use their Healthcare Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) before the balance disappears. There is a little-known and too infrequently used option for people to continue to have access to their FSA funds after the ball drops on the old year and ringing in the new. Some FSA plans have a rollover limit of $500 that can be rolled over into the next year by employers. If you have this option in your employee benefit package, funds that were rolled over must be used by March 15 of the new year, otherwise the remaking balance is absorbed by your employer. 

In case you need some ideas for ways to use the last of your FSA, we’ve come up with a few ideas for you. 

Dental work 

Obviously, you expect that this would be in here, right? Is it time for your annual check-up? Do you need more extensive work done? Does your child need an orthodontic consultation? These all great ways to use up your FSA balance before it disappears.  

There are many eligible procedures that Dr. Rogers performs in his Spanish Fork dental practice that qualify for FSA payments. It is important to note that contrary to popular belief, FSAs do not always cover a procedure that is not covered by your medical, vision, or dental plan. One of the most common for these is the cosmetic practice of tooth whitening. 


When did you last have your eyes examined? Exams, contact lenses, glasses, and corrective vision surgery are all eligible for FSA use. You can even use your FSA to pay for prescription sunglasses or blue light-blocking lenses. 

Home use 

Contraceptives, including condoms, are FSA eligible. Additional items that are FSA-eligible include first aid supplies, doctor-prescribed over the counter medicines, as well as splints, braces, etc. Orthotics are covered as well as just some gel insoles. 

With a little creativity and planning, you can use your FSA account to its maximum potential. While so doing, please consider Dr. Rogers, the compassionate Spanish Fork dentist for any of your dental needs. 

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Make Halloween and Easter Your Teeth Cleaning Traditions

by James Webster on October 15, 2019 , Comments Off on Make Halloween and Easter Your Teeth Cleaning Traditions

How long has it been since you had your teeth cleaned? Your children’s? If you are anything like me, there is a long to-do list that is constantly running in my head and there are many things that get pushed from day to day, and really don’t get done.

Dr. Rogers, your neighborhood Spanish Fork dentist, has the best trick to help people remember their dental health by taking a page from the play book from firefighters and breast cancer awareness month.

One of the keys to remembering information is tying it to something else that jogs your memory. Firefighters have long asked people to use the change from daylight savings to standard time, and vice versa as a signal to change the batteries in their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Or, if you’re like me, watch the episode of, “This is Us” that reveals the details around Jacks death – you’ll be changing them every other week!

I was out with my (single) sister once at a town celebration and her young daughter was chatting with one of the firefighters telling them that she absolutely knew that their smoke detector worked. When asked how she knew this, she promptly answered, “Because it goes off every time my mom cooks!”  I’ve been around my sister long enough to attest to the veracity of this statement.

Another reminder comes in October, being the it is breast cancer awareness month, it is easy to have an annual screening mammogram It’s pretty much automatic now; the sight of football players running around with pink shoes, socks, or towels and I think, “mammogram!” Little secret – if you schedule your annual mammogram in October, you often receive treats or souvenirs at the hospital, including a certain Utah County hospital in Provo that including gifts gourmet chocolates to anyone having their mammogram in October. So, on that note, it might be the chocolate more than the football players.

On that same vein, if you are having trouble remembering to come in, Dr. Rogers suggests that you come in for visits around two holidays that both tend to be all about the candy – Halloween and Easter. Please consider adding regular dental appointments to come in and see us at our long-time Spanish Fork dental practice. We’re always here to help your family take care of dental needs.

What happened with my food-burning sister and the firefighter? Believe it or not, they married three years later! Does she still set off the smoke detector when she cooks? Yep!

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