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Everything You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth

by James Webster on August 17, 2020 , Comments Off on Everything You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth aren’t going to make you smarter even though they have wisdom in its name. Your very back molars were given the name because they usually come when you’re older. Your wisdom teeth come at around ages 17-25. You get two on top and two on bottom to make a complete 32 set of teeth for an adult. Some people believe that our mouth adapted overtime due to our diet. Now we can’t fit out wisdom teeth into our mouths and because of that most of us have to get them out.


Wisdom teeth are known as your third molar that our ancestors used to grind plant tissue. Nowadays we don’t need that third molar. If we keep our wisdom teeth in our mouths it will cause tons of discomfort and pain. That is why it is important to get them removed.


When you go to the Dentist in Spanish Fork Utah for your annual checkup they will take your x rays. This is where the dentist will see your wisdom teeth and know when it is time to take them out. There are many reasons that you can have to get your wisdom teeth taken out. One reason is your wisdom teeth can come in the wrong angle. They press against your other teeth which can be very painful. The second reason is your mouth isn’t big enough. Small mouths just can’t fit wisdom teeth. The third reason is wisdom teeth are impacted. Because your wisdom teeth don’t normally grow right they can’t get trapped behind your jawbone which is very painful.


When you get your wisdom teeth removed it will take about forty five minutes and there are a couple of ways you can receive anesthesia. Local, IV sedation, and general. Any way will be successful and help make your experience better. They will help you to deal with the pain.


When you’re ready to get your wisdom teeth removed go to Dentist in Spanish Fork Utah and they will help you.