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How to Deal with the Pain of Braces

by James Webster on May 9, 2017 , Comments Off on How to Deal with the Pain of Braces

Braces are bound to create a love/hate relationship in your life. While you love the ending result of what your braces do for you smile, most hate the process and pain of having braces. We at Roger’s Center for Dentistry in Spanish Fork want to help you through the braces experience so you can have an enjoyable end result. Below are some tricks you can try when you are dealing with the pain of braces.


Use your Dental Wax

We will provide you with dental wax to use when you come in to get your braces and each time you have them tightened. You can also find dental wax at most pharmacies. Dental wax is used to reduce rubbing and friction against the sensitive parts of your mouth. Apply wax often to the painful areas of your mouth directly to the metal parts of your braces. To make sure the wax adheres correctly to your braces make sure that your mouth and braces are dry.


Apply Orabase or Orajel

Orabase and Orajel are local anesthetics that, if applied directly to the sores, they can relieve pain for several hours. Follow the directions on the box closely to avoid any side effects. Measure the dose precisely and use a cotton swab or gauze to apply it to the area.


Use Oral Rinses

While this won’t directly relieve pain it will reduce the chances of infection. Braces are known to cause open sores in your mouth and can easily become infected. Using oral rinses such as Listerine can prevent the build-up of bacteria and the chance of infection.


Find a Painkiller that Works for you

Painkillers will be the fastest way to alleviate the pain you may be feeling with your braces. When using painkillers make sure you are using what works best for you. Remember to adhere to your allergies and if necessary consult your doctor. Always follow the directions and dosage amounts on the package.


While braces can be painful they will be worth it in the end. The dentists at Roger’s Center for Dentistry in Spanish Fork strive to make the braces experience as enjoyable as possible. For more questions or concerns about your braces or whether or not you need braces, call to schedule an appointment today.

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