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How to Properly Brush your Teeth

by James Webster on November 7, 2016 , Comments Off on How to Properly Brush your Teeth

Brushing your teeth seems like a simple task to do every day, but are you brushing them properly? You may have been brushing your teeth incorrectly for years. The dentists at Roger’s Center for Dentistry in Spanish Fork will help you in making sure you are brushing your teeth properly. We have also gathered some steps you should follow to help you in achieving a happy and healthy smile.

Select the Proper Tools

To make sure you are brushing your teeth correctly you will want to make sure you are using the best toothbrush when it comes to your mouth. Getting a toothbrush that is too large for your mouth will make it so you are unable to reach in and brush your teeth thoroughly. It is up to you if you want to have a manual toothbrush or a powered one. Just make sure you are using fluoride toothpaste each time you brush.

Brush Outer Surfaces of Teeth

You will first want to start by brushing the outer surfaces of your teeth. To do this you will want to tilt your brush at an angle and gently sweep it back and forth along the gum line for both the front and back of the upper teeth; brushing this way also at the gum line for the lower teeth too. Start with the front teeth and work your way towards the back of your mouth.

Brush Chewing Surfaces of Teeth

Cleaning the chewing surfaces if vital for a clean and healthy smile. A lot of food and plaque will get stuck among the ridges of your teeth. You can rid your teeth of any unwanted food residue and plaque by brushing for at least two minutes. Use a gentle back and forth motion on the chewing surfaces of your teeth to ensure cleanliness.

Clean your Tongue and Repeat

After you have spent a good deal of time cleaning the surfaces of your teeth you will want to finish up by giving your tongue a good brushing. Brushing your tongue removes bacteria and gets rid of bad breath. Now you can repeat the process of proper brushing to make sure you didn’t miss any areas and finish up with a good mouth wash.

The dentists at Roger’s Center for Dentistry in Spanish Fork care about the health of your mouth and teeth. We want to make sure you are doing all you can to take care of your oral hygiene, including properly brushing your teeth. For any questions regarding oral care or if you haven’t been to the dentist for a while, call us today to schedule an appointment.

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